Intensive Care Baby Incubator Tende VAV


The Tende VAV intensive care incubator for newborns is used with a 7-inch color TFT touch display. It is easy to control and correctly enter working commands into the incubator. On-screen explanations and animations allow you to use the incubator effectively in a short period.

Temperature mode

Clinicians can easily set the desired temperature value by selecting air or skin mode on the Tende VAV touch display. If the set values ​​are outside the range, the system generates an audible and visual warning. If the air temperature rises too high, the system alerts clinicians with an audible and visual signal and automatically shuts off the heater.

Patented humidity servo system

The humidity conditions that are vital for the newborn can be quickly, efficiently, and reliably maintained with the patented Tende VAV humidity system.

The use of hot steam technology and the complete removal and autoclaving of the humidity system increases the hygiene and overall safety of the incubator. The Tende VAV has one of the fastest humidity systems of its competitors and can maintain a humidity range of over 95% using a 2000ml water tank.

Electronic mattress tilt (Trendelenburg)

Mattress tilting can be done electronically from a color display without any manpower. It does not vibrate and works safely. This system has an "Emergency Lowering" button, which returns the child's bed to its position automatically in seconds. During automatic descent, clinicians can initiate necessary procedures by extending the bed or opening canopy covers.

Mother's breast mode and air curtain

When the baby needs to be taken out for breastfeeding, the skin temperature can be measured by selecting the "Mother's breast" mode.

Rotating boxes

The Tende VAV has one large and two small drawers that rotate 360° and can be accessed from the front, right or left side of the incubator.

Manufacturer: Turkey

  • Built-in display: 7-inch color TFT touch display
  • Wheels: 4 double castors with Fric brake (diameter: 125 mm)
  • Backup monitoring: Minimum 1 hour (monitoring in case of power failure)
  • Alarm sound level: Adjustable 4 levels
  • Power requirements: 220-240 V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz, max. 675 W
  • Dimensions: 137.5 × 108.5 × 73.5 cm
  • Weight: 107.5 kg