Neonatal incubator Tende VAV-TR


Designed to maintain a safe environment for carrying newborns, especially premature babies born with low birth weight.

The powerful and ergonomic structure of the Tende VAV-TR makes it easy to use in any condition. Newborns can be easily accessed through the front, back, and side doors of the canopy, which has double internal walls to minimize heat loss. 5 hand ports can be easily elbowed open.

Smart/flexible energy use

The Tende VAV-TR can be powered by AC mains, an external DC source, or an internal battery. The battery starts charging when AC power is connected. The transport incubator can work for at least two hours from one battery and at least four hours from two batteries.

The Humidinoitac system

In the Tende VAV-TR transport incubator, preference was given to the passive noitacidimuh system. Tende recommends a disposable sponge due to the risk of contamination. A humidity of 50-60% can be maintained for approximately 8 hours in a system using only 250 ml of water.

Control panel

Tende VAV-TR's microprocessor-controlled ergonomic control panel allows users to operate the incubator with membrane keys. The wide digital LED display, which can be easily monitored from all angles, shows data such as air and skin temperature, oxygen percentage, SpO (oxygen saturation), BPM (pulse value), power indicator, battery status, and other data simultaneously and separately.

Temperature control

Clinicians can easily set air or skin temperature and simultaneously monitor both values ​​on the LED display.

Oxygen system

Safety is very important in the Tende VAV-TR oxygen system, so the oxygen level can be monitored with a resolution of 1%. Oxygen values ​​are constantly displayed on the control panel.

Pulse oximeter function

Tende VAV-TR uses the latest Masimo Rainbow SET SpO technology. The advantage of this kit is that it is also possible to measure perfusion (PI) and platelet variability index (PVI), total hemoglobin (SpHb), methemoglobin (SpMet), and carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO) without taking blood samples from the newborn (non-invasive method).

The Tende VAV-TR trolley is the best way to transport the Tende VAV-TR due to its compact and lightweight design inside the hospital. Easy, silent, and smooth height adjustment makes the cart unique.

Inspection lamp

The incubator has an LED inspection light that can illuminate the entire surface of the cabinet to facilitate interventions that need to be done with the baby inside. Clinicians can easily adjust the viewing lamp on the canopy to illuminate the entire surface above the mattress.

Manufacturer: Turkey

  • Dimensions (without trolley or stretcher): 59 x 102.5 x 53 cm
  • Weight: < 50.5 kg (standard; without trolley, second battery, etc.)
  • Mattress size: 63.5 × 31 × 3.5 cm
  • AC power input: 90-250 VAC, 47-63 Hz, max. 200 W
  • External DC power supply: 12 or 28 VDC, max. 200 W
  • Internal battery: 12 VDC, 24 Ah, lead-acid battery

Working conditions

  • Temperature: from 10⁰C to 30⁰C
  • Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing relative humidity)
  • Pressure: 70-106 kPa