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Mobile digital X-ray DRX 6-d


Description of the main device:

• Generator power: 5 kW, holding time 2s .;

• Ability to rotate the collimator: +/- 90º;

• Possibility of adjustment of the X-ray lever: -15º / + 120º;

• Current: 10-100 mA (automatic adjustment);

• Type of X-ray tube: X-ray tube (monoblock) with a focus of 1.8x1.8 mm;

• LCD - touch monitor for image processing (rotation, marking, notes, cropping);

• The presence of a foot brake;

• Additional compartment for storage of the detector;

• Overall dimensions: 1190х7401450 mm;

• Weight: 125 kg.


• Collimator operation in the range from 180x240 mm to 350x430 mm (depending on the detector);

• Ability to adjust the collimator +/- 180º;

• Presence of remote descent;

• Timer for 30 seconds;

• Focal spot height: 460-2000 mm.

Digital detector:

• The size of the active image: 350x430 mm;

• The size of the detector holder: 384x460x15 mm;

• Pixel pitch: 140 µm;

• The size of the active matrix: 2560x3072 pixels;

• Automatic exposure detection;

• Cable connection 7 m (wireless - optional);

• Moisture protection;

• Weight: 3.2 kg.