Electric type orthopedic exercise device Young-In Biotech IN-CP100


The electric-type orthopedic simulator is used to restore muscle and joint mobility.

Orthopedic simulator. Low-frequency stimulation.

A device for applying low-frequency interaction electrodes to reduce pain during exercise.

A sound signal at the end of the procedure, protection against the excess current.

Automatic shutdown of the device at the end of the treatment process.

Equipment class 1, B-type.

Product set: main unit, mobile controller unit, foot fixation pad, lower limb restraints, remote control, thigh restraint, connection cable, network cable, gel pads, emergency stop button.

Use hospitals, clinics, physiotherapy offices, etc.

Manufacturer: South Korea

  • Network power and parameters: 80 VA, 220 V, 60 Hz
  • Speed control: 7 levels
  • Range of movements of the knee joint: -5 - 140
  • The range of thigh length adjustment: 26-40 cm
  • Shank length adjustment range: 39-45 cm
  • Adjustment of movement speed: 7 levels
  • Time of use: 1-60 min
  • Dimensions and weight: 979 × 398 × 544 (mm), 13.5 kg