Mammography System SternMed – Xenox S100


Universal analog mammography system with isocentric C-arc and high image quality for the most effective budget.

The Xenox S100 mammography system is a state-of-the-art analog breast imaging system that provides the best patient care, high performance and value for money.

It is a fully independent mammography machine that allows clinicians to obtain high quality images. Suitable for all deep breast examinations as well as "screening" applications.

Superior imaging technology, maximum accuracy, modern, ergonomic and winning design improves efficiency and increases the level of service.

There are two different tables (18×24 or 24×30 cm format) with carbon fiber grid, complete with identification labels. The tables are interchangeable.

For each table size or magnification technique, the corresponding magnetic collimation plates are available. 

Xenox S100 from the German manufacturer STERNMED can be equipped with an automatic collimator. In this case, the mammograph is able to determine the size of the table (18×24 or 24×30 cm) and automatically select the appropriate collimation field.

Supplied with X-ray tube with molybdenum anode and molybdenum filter.

The modern INTELIGENT COMP compression system, both motorized and manual, guarantees optimal chest compression with minimal discomfort for the patient. The system is equipped with a triple protection device (electronic, electromechanical, mechanical) for maximum compression force, which ensures complete safety for the patient.

Graphic LCD display shows exposure parameters, alarm messages and many other data.

Manufacturer: Germany

  • Power: 6.6 kVA (0.5 kVA stand-by)
  • kV range: 20/35 kV (20/40 kV optional)
  • kV resolution (manual and automatic modes): 0.5 kV
  • Lowest current time: 1 mAs
  • mAs maximum value: 640 mAs
  • mAs resolution (automatic): 0.1 mAs
  • Exposure time: 02 / 9 s (automatically selected depending on the selected mAh)
  • Safety timer: 10 с
  • Standard collimation plate: 18 × 24 cm 
  • Additional collimation plates: 24 × 30 cm
  • Display: graphic LCD display 240 × 128 dots
  • Vertical movement range (from the floor): 75 to 160 cm (85 cm stroke)
  • C-arc swivel range: ± 180°
  • Compression force: adjustable from 70 to 200 N