ENT microscope OPTOMIC OP-C16


The OPTOMIC OP-C16 examination microscope is designed for diagnostic examinations, routine office procedures, and minor surgical interventions in the field of otolaryngology.

The OP-C16 microscope consists of a microscope head, binoculars, arm and support, light source, and stand.

The ENT microscope made in Spain by OPTOMIC – one of the best options on the market with a wide range of lighting systems and fixtures, as well as devices for capturing and processing images and video.

Soft Move. Soft Move is an exclusive driving and braking system that provides OPTOMIC equipment with a backlash-free swivel mechanism and excellent mobility, smoothness, and precision.

Manufacturer: Spain


  • Wide-angle direct binocular (standard)
  • 45º inclined binocular (option)
  • Inclined binocular 0-240º (option)


  • Standard 200 mm
  • Optional 250 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm


  • Standard: 12.5× wide field eyepieces
  • Optional: 10× and 16× wide-field eyepieces

Effective magnifications:

  • 5-step Galileo switch that allows magnification from 1.0× to 34× depending on the chosen combination of lens, binoculars and eyepieces


  • Mobile floor stand 
  • Fixed floor mount 
  • Wall mount 
  • Ceiling mount