Operating microscope for ENT YSX120


The YSX120 ENT operating microscope is a medical instrument whose optical system is equipped with a three-step magnification adjustment system.

Precise focusing can be performed using the objective precision adjustment lever. Two objective lenses are available for different working distances and magnifications. 

The optical system of the instrument is equipped with a beam splitter, which allows for connecting a video camera adapter and a demonstrator. The demonstrator is optional. 

The equipment is suitable for diagnostics, examination, and general operations with a microscope in the field of otolaryngology. You can buy an operating microscope for ENT at a nice price in the company of medical equipment Loran.

  • Binocular examination (viewing angle): Direct
  • Binocular magnification:
  • Distance between pupils: 50-80 mm
  • The adjustable optical power of lenses in diopters: ±5D
  • 3-stage magnification adjustment: 0.6×,1×,1.6×
  • The focal length of the lens: is F=200mm and F=300mm. Connecting screw: M45×0.75
  • Magnification options: 3×, 5×, 8×, 4.7×, 7.5×, 12×
  • Linear field: 60.8 mm, 37.9 mm, 23.6 mm, 40.6 mm, 25.3 mm, 15.8 mm
  • Fine focusing range: 10 mm
  • Filter: Built-in green and yellow filters
  • Balancing system: 2-piece knob, adjustment with a counterweight
  • Lighting System: Coaxial lighting with 10V with LED light source, brightness adjustable, illumination > 30000 Lux
  • Power Adapter: Output: DC12V3A, 36 V, cable length - 3 m, with magnetic ring, output connector: 5.5×2 mm coaxial plug
  • Construction: 2 elements with a pentagonal base on wheels