Dermatoscope/trichoscope Aram Huvis ASW-300


Dermatoscope and trichoscope Aram ASW is a multifunctional premium model for assessing the condition of hair and skin. It is the only model that has a built-in ultraviolet lamp for lens sterilization. The stationary device Aram Huvis ASW-300 solves many problems in cosmetology, dermatology, and trichology. The best price-quality ratio. 

High image quality, compact size, and a large selection of programs and lenses allow you to use the equipment both in a beauty salon, dermatologist's, and trichologist's office, and for advertising purposes (in shops, pharmacies, at exhibitions). 

This small device with a charging station has wide functionality and a high level of automation. The software is created specifically for dermatoscopes, the image can be displayed on a computer screen, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

With the help of the device from Aram Huvis, you can create patient cards, compare images to establish a diagnosis, evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen treatment, and broadcast video to the monitor in real-time. 

High image quality ensures accurate diagnosis. The dermatoscope comes with 5 lenses in plastic caps with different magnifications (changing lenses does not require special training).

Country of manufacture: South Korea

  • Focusing: Autofocus (AF-C / AF-S / MF)
  • OS Support: Windows
  • Lenses: X1, X30, X60, x200, X500
  • Measurement modes (skin):

1. Face of the client

2. Humidity

3. Fat content (U/T zone)

4. Time

5. Melanin

6. Acne

7. Wrinkles

  • Measurement modes (hair):

1. Hair loss condition

2. Hair density

3. Keratin

4. Sensitivity

5. Thickness of hair

6. Condition of the hair pore

7. Cuticle condition

  • Weight: 800 g
  • Connection with an external device: Wi-Fi, USB 2.0