Digital dermatoscope Aram Huvis API-100


API-100 will help determine the need for corrective cosmetic procedures or procedures for the most appropriate skin transformation. The only thing that remains is to determine the right type of skin care.

Aram Huvis API-100 digital dermatoscope is an independent portable device. It can be connected to your existing computer, iPad or tablet. Compatible with App, which is supported by App Store or Google Play. Simple, intuitive and ready to use device. Thanks to its software, it is a great purchase for any salon or clinic.

The device provides the following information about the skin condition: degree of hydration, elasticity, amount of subcutaneous fat, acne, pores, melanin and hemoglobin.

The obtained data is stored on the device and can also be sent to clients by e-mail. The results can be compared after some time and see the degree of improvement of the skin condition after the procedure.

  • Wireless connection: Wi-Fi LAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • OS Support: Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS
  • Image resolution: 1624 × 1212 pixels.
  • Focusing type: Fixed type
  • Measurement modes:

1) Moisture

2) Subcutaneous fat

3) Pores

4) Melanin

5) Acne (UV)

6) Wrinkles

7) Hemoglobin

  • Magnifying lenses: 

1) X-30NL

2) X-30PL

3) X-30UV

4) Skin moisture sensor

  • LEDs: DIP LED X8 and UV-Chip LED X8 (NICHIA / Japan)
  • Weight: 120 g