Digital trichoscope Aram Huvis API-202


Aram Huvis API-202 is a modern Korean device for professional diagnostics in trichology. It is used to examine the condition of hair and scalp and prescribe treatment or preventive measures.

It is a lightweight, portable device with the ability to transfer images and data to a computer, smartphone, or tablet via WI-FI. Works with iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Stores high-quality images of hair and scalp with 60x magnification on the device to which the trichoscope is connected. Includes a program for scalp analysis with the output of the final results.

  • Wireless connection: Wi-Fi LAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • OS Support: Android, Windows, Mac OS, iOS
  • Image resolution: 1624 × 1212 pixels.
  • Focusing type: Fixed type
  • Measurement modes:

1) Hair loss condition

2) Scalp condition

3) Hair density

4) Hair thickness

5) Pore condition

6) Sensitivity

7) Keratin

  • Magnifying lenses: 

1) X-60NL

2) X-60PL

3) X200-NL (Crop)

4) X200-PL (Crop)

  • LEDs: DIP LED X8 (NICHIA / Japan) 
  • Weight: 120 g