Electrosurgical radio frequency apparatus Kentamed RF100


The KENTAMED RF100 is capable of performing soft coagulation (deep, no carbonization) and very fine cutting typical of radiofrequency units, while providing operating modes as a standard electrosurgical unit. 

Suitable for office procedures in dermatology, ENT, gynecology, veterinary surgery, and polypectomy. 

The radio wave electrosurgical device is used for high-frequency electrosurgical operations, as well as for minor surgical interventions. 

The device has special functions that gently affect the tissues, and provide faster healing and tissue recovery.

KENTAMED RF100 is an intelligent device with microprocessor control. It is reliable and convenient in operation, with an increased level of patient safety.

It combines tissue-preserving radiofrequency effects and has 6 operating modes, each of which can be selected with one touch. The software tracks user actions.

All monopolar and bipolar accessories are included.

  • Maximum power: 100 W
  • Operating frequency: 4 MHz
  • Cutting modes:

1. Fine Cut  standard cutting mode with a gentle effect for fabrics: 70 W

2. Heavy Cut  powerful cutting mode: 100 W

  • Coagulation modes:

1. Soft Coag  mode of soft and deep monopolar coagulation ("white coagulation"): 50 W

2. Forced Coag  fast surface coagulation: 50 W

3. BiCoag  a mode of soft bipolar coagulation, which can also be used for adhesion of small and medium-sized vessels with appropriate instruments: 80 W

4. Micro BiCoag  sub-mode of bipolar coagulation: up to 35 W