CryoPro cryodestructor


CryoPro cryodestructor is designed for cryosurgical procedures using liquid nitrogen. 

CryoPro is available in two modifications: CryoPro Maxi with a volume of 500 ml and CryoPro Mini with a volume of 350 ml. These two versions have the same design and purpose, differing only in the volume of the internal liquid nitrogen tank. The difference in the volume of the tank means only that a smaller cylinder will need to be filled with liquid nitrogen somewhat more often during intensive work. 

The larger volume allows you to perform more procedures during the working day and is recommended for professionals with intensive work schedules. A smaller volume cryodestructor allows you to perform fewer procedures, but it is more convenient to use because it has less weight and is recommended primarily for female specialists. The user can choose between these two modifications depending on their needs. 

Cortex Technology cryodestructors are the choice of many dermatologists and otolaryngologists around the world. They are safe, easy to use, have a wide range of possibilities for the treatment of skin neoplasms, are manufactured according to the best technical standards from durable high-quality materials, created for the most effective and aesthetically perfect cryosurgery without noticeable cosmetic consequences.

The cryo destructor can be operated with both the right and left hand, as the trigger handle can be easily rotated.

CryoPro is used in such areas as dermatology, dermato-oncology, cosmetology, gynecology, otolaryngology, and aesthetic medicine.

Country of production: Denmark

Cechy kriodestruktorów CryoPro:

  • -196°C
  • mechanizm wydechowy z precyzyjnym zaworem,
  • Zawór bezpieczeństwa,
  • duży wybór końcówek (łącznie 25),
  • podwójny zbiornik wykonany z wysokiej jakości stali nierdzewnej,
  • pokrywa ochronna zbiornika - niezawodna izolacja termiczna,
  • mocny stojak z polipropylenu,
  • statyczny czas przechowywania CryoPro Maxi 20-24 godziny,
  • statyczny czas przechowywania CryoPro Mini 12-14 godzin,
  • orientacyjna ilość zabiegów na wypełnienie: Maxi - 40, Mini - 20.