Radio frequency electrosurgical apparatus OBS-100C


With the help of a radio wave electrosurgical device, the least traumatic method of cutting and coagulation is carried out. 

ESU with an ultra-high frequency of 3.8 MHz reduces thermodiffusion, reduces thermal damage during the incision, promotes precision of the cut, and does not lead to burns of adjacent tissues. 

The antenna substrate allows you not to touch the skin, no current passes through the body. The OBS-100C device has a high level of safety and does not cause burns. There is no effect of charring and adhesion, and the percentage of bleeding is reduced. Less pain, scars, quick recovery after surgery, no tissue damage due to fulguration. 

Areas of application: loop gynecological surgery, dermatology, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedics.

Operating modes:

Mode 1 / Clean cut: designed for precise micro-cuts in the head, neck, and sensitive parts. Minimal thermal damage to adjacent tissues contributes to the cosmetic effect and rapid wound healing. It is used for biopsy and flap transplantation.

Mode 2 / Incision and coagulation: coagulation is applied when cutting, this mode is suitable for cutting and removing subcutaneous tissue, especially on tissues with a large number of blood vessels.

Mode 3 / Pure coagulation: It is used to coagulate and tighten the tissue. It is used to make incisions as an excellent hemostatic agent.

Mode 4 / Fulguration: for maximum tissue damage and hemostasis. It is used to destroy internal tissues.

Mode 5 / Bipolar: suitable for spot coagulation.

  • Power: 140 W
  • Frequency: 3.8 MHz 
  • Air temperature: 5-40°С
  • Relative air humidity:  ≤ 80 %
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86,0-106,0 kPa
  • Power supply characteristics: 220 / 110 V, 50 / 60 Hz