OP-S4 ENT chair was developed to meet the needs of modern ENT practice. It combines the strength and simplicity of construction. Thanks to the ergonomic design, any ENT examination and minor surgical procedures can be performed in the office.

Strength and smooth adjustment are combined in the OPTOMIC OP chair to achieve high flexibility. The model adapts to the needs of modern ENT practice.

The seat materials are flame retardant (class BS5852) and made from materials that are favorable for disinfection and less favorable for the accumulation of microbes.

Manufacturer: Spain

Strong armrests

Consisting of a stainless steel interior and is upholstered in a flexible, washable material. Fold automatically, and synchronously with the movement of the backrest. They can also be folded so as not to interfere when the chair is in a sitting position.


Complex and strong. The soft side becomes part of a comfortable and wide examination table.

Backrest and footrest movements

The movements of the backrest and footrest are mechanically synchronized, so any position from 90º to -10º (Trendelenburg) can be achieved with the pedal.

Accurate system

The system is controlled by a foot switch, which allows easy control of the chair. It controls both up/down movement and backrest tilt. Rotation allows you to turn 330º.

  • Electric height drive.
  • Electric drive of the movement of the back section and the leg support section.
  • Mechanically adjustable headrest: height and tilt (removable).
  • Mechanically adjustable foot support.
  • Armrests that fall synchronously with the movement of the back.
  • Controls: foot pedal.
  • Specially developed positioning base to avoid overturning, even under heavy load.
  • Rotation of the chair in the horizontal plane: 330º
  • Back section adjustment angle: 90º – 190º
  • Trendelenburg: -10º
  • Height adjustment of the seat section: 550 mm – 900 mm
  • Standard color: blue (other color solutions are possible)
  • Seat payload: 150 kg