ENT system OPTIMUS Elite (Spain)


The Optimus Elite is a premium ENT combine with the Spanish brand OPTOMIC. Below you can download a special pdf file describing the complete set of the otolaryngology combined.

The OPTIMUS Elite ENT Combine is one of the most advanced medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the hearing, nose, and throat. This device has high accuracy and efficiency, which allows doctors to diagnose and treat with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

The equipment has a compact and stylish design that allows doctors to perform procedures with maximum comfort. This is especially important for long procedures when the doctor must maintain maximum concentration.

A practical and elegant way to optimize the workplace.

Availability of an aspirator.

Availability of an irrigation system (water supply).

Insufflation system (air supply).

Built-in waste container.

Mounts for a microscope and monitor on the working surface of the combine, shelves for a video system, and a light source, which maximizes the workspace.

6 drawers for system storage of instruments.

7 work areas (two folding side tables, a work surface, and 4 shelves).

Set of organizer-warmers (37°C) for 11 angled ENT mirrors, rigid and flexible endoscopes (optional).

Instrument organizers in drawers (optional).

Ear funnel organizer (optional).

Organizer for small instruments (optional).

Optional: OPTOMIC OP-30 flexible nasopharyngeal laryngoscope (Spain)

OPTOMIC flexible endoscopes provide excellent optical performance for examination of the nasal passages, pharynx, and larynx. The endoscope has been designed to facilitate examination efficiency and increase patient comfort.

Main advantages:

High-definition images (up to 18,000 pixels).

Focus adjustment.

ETO valve.

Can be wetted in a disinfectant.

Light guide connector for Storz and ACMI (Wolf is optional).

Supplied in a protective case.