Operating microscope for ENT YSX180


The operating microscope for ENT YSX180 has an optical system equipped with binoculars with an angle of inclination of 0-180° and a magnification system (3 steps).

Precise focusing is possible with the fine adjustment lever of the objective lens. Two objectives are available for different working distances and magnifications. 

The microscope illumination system uses coaxial illumination with a 10 W LED light source. 

The instrument is suitable for a variety of diagnostic, examination, and general microscope work in the field of otorhinolaryngology. 

With its flexible and stable structure and easy operation, the instrument can be widely used for microsurgery.

  • Binocular: 0-180°
  • Binocular magnification:
  • Distance between pupils: 50-80 mm
  • The adjustable optical power of lenses in diopters: ± 7D
  • 3-stage magnification adjustment: 0.6×, 1×, 1.6×
  • The focal length of the lens: is F=200 mm and F=250 mm. Connecting screw: M45×0.75
  • Magnification parameters: 4,8×, 8×, 12,8×, 6×, 10×, 16×
  • Linear field: 50 mm, 30 mm, 19 mm, 40 mm, 24 mm, 15 mm
  • Fine focusing range: 10 mm
  • Filter: Built-in green and yellow filters
  • Balancing system: 2-piece knob, adjustment with a counterweight
  • Lighting System: Coaxial lighting with 10V with LED light source, brightness adjustable, illumination > 40000 Lux
  • Power Supply: AC100V-AC240V
  • Structure: 2 elements with a pentagonal base on wheels