ENT microscope OPTOMIC OP-C12


The OP-C12 ENT microscope is manufactured by OPTOMIC and meets all medical requirements. It offers one of the widest ranges of illumination systems and beam diffusers on the market, as well as image and video capture and processing devices. 

The microscope has excellent optical and mechanical characteristics. High mobility and versatility make the OP-C12 microscope the ideal equipment for any treatment in the field of otolaryngology. 

Durability and stability. Freedom of movement allows you to place the head in any desired location. Compactness and versatility. Its handle can be folded to a minimum size, making it very practical in the specialist's office as it takes up very little space.

Manufacturer: Spain

  • Lenses: straight; curved with an angle of 45°; wide-angle direct; angled from 0° to 240°
  • Magnification setting: 3 steps; with lens f=200 5×, 8×, 12× with field of view 40.6 mm, 25.32 mm, 15.77 mm
  • Illumination: coaxial, with choice between halogen, LED and xenon light source
  • Filters: green, blue, yellow
  • Double-sided handle: comfortable operation, high smoothness of rotation
  • Unique brake system with conical cylinders: maximum mobility of all elements of the system during preparation, reliable fixation after starting work
  • Parallel optics: technology for improved visualization and accurate data transmission to the monitor screen via a video camera
  • Ability to connect a monitor, a photo and video camera
  • Fixing options:
  1. mobile tripod on wheels;
  2. static floor tripod;
  3. wall mount on a bracket;
  4. ceiling mount bracket.