Shock-wave electromagnetic lithotripter NT-10M


Shock-wave electromagnetic lithotriptor NT-10M is designed and manufactured for the disintegration of kidney and ureteral stones. It features state-of-the-art technology in an ergonomic design that provides an exceptionally efficient and affordable lithotripsy system. The device provides the highest level of clinical results.

It is an electromagnetic extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter used to break up urinary calculi.

Due to the large focus area, as well as minimizing the number of shocks required for each treatment, the treatment time is reduced. This makes the system more patient-friendly (in terms of radiation exposure) and provides the best efficiency in power consumption for the user. 

The magnetic head design provides maximum comfort without the need to replace the head for at least 1.5 million strokes.

NT-10M systems include the shock wave generator, control console, image/location system, and patient table. 

Before treatment, the stone is targeted using an integrated or separate localization/imaging system. These shock waves are focused on the stone by an acoustic lens. The shock waves are created underwater using a shock wave generator and transmitted to the patient's body through a water-filled rubber cushion or direct contact with the patient's skin with water. 

After the stone is crushed by the focused shock waves, the fragments are excreted from the body with the patient's urine. 

ESWL Specifications:

  • Aperture (diameter): 200 mm
  • Aperture angle: 45° - 50°
  • Depth of penetration: 160 mm
  • Type of shock wave head: Flexible and rotating
  • Focus pressure: 550 to 900 bar
  • Focus energy: 4-65 mJ