Hawk urological morcellator


It is used for fragmentation of the enucleated prostate gland, effective and safe removal of the gland from the body significantly shortens the operation time.

  • High processing characteristics.
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the handle is 1200 rpm, speed modes - 10 levels;
  • The indicator of negative aspiration pressure is more than 0.08 MPa, the speed is 15 l/min.
  • Foot pedal to adjust the speed in the selected mode.
  • Footswitch multi-functionality: 1 mode for a suction function, 2-10 modes for suction functions, and blade rotation speed.
  • Storage tank with fabric filter.
  • Waste container with preventive overflow prevention design.
  • An overflowing container with an anti-overflow design in the control unit.​
  • Handle: 10-speed modes
  • Blade diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Foot pedal: Protection against moisture
  • Storage capacity: 2500 ml
  • Waste capacity: 4000 ml
  • Overflow capacity: 100 ml