Thulium laser Quanta System Fiber Dust


The FiberDust laser is a thulium fiber laser (TFL) surgical device designed for both lithotripsy and precision soft tissue surgery. 

In recent years, TFL technology has emerged as a new alternative to the holmium laser, particularly for the treatment of stones. 

With the introduction of this new surgical laser device, Quanta System complements its already wide range of lasers, expanding the surgeon's options with a complete choice of surgical equipment.

The wavelength of the FiberDust thulium laser corresponds to one of the peaks of the water absorption curve. This leads to a strong impact on stones and soft tissue, with a reduced depth of penetration.

The FiberDust laser can be operated in pulsed and continuous emission. Pulsed emission, due to its higher peak power, allows stone lithotripsy and more aggressive tissue cutting. On the other hand, continuous emission allows a slightly deeper effect and smoother action, potentially providing better hemostasis of large vessels.

  • Enucleation
  • Efficient lithotripsy
  • Minimized retropulsion
  • Disposable and reusable fibers
  • Continuous and pulsed ejection
  • Compatible with standard socket
  • Extreme frequency emission
  • High performance with limited power consumption

Manufacturer: Italy 

  • Power: up to 60 W
  • Frequency: up to 2500 Hz
  • Pulse energy: 0.02 - 6 J
  • Wavelength: 1.9 µm
  • Guiding beam: 532 nm, (adjustable <5mW), Class 3R
  • Fiber recognition: RFID system
  • Activation: Double foot switch
  • Air cooling system
  • Working temperature: 10-30 °C
  • Dimensions: 47 (W) x 60 (D) x 35 (H) cm 
  • Weight: 50 kg