Beta15 patient monitor


A patient monitor is an important medical device that helps doctors provide qualified care and ensure comfortable treatment conditions for patients.

The use of a patient monitor helps doctors to respond quickly to changes in patient health indicators and make timely decisions about the need for additional medical procedures or changes in treatment.

Controlled parameters of the Beta15 patient monitor:

ECG – electrocardiography

NIBP – non-invasive blood pressure measurement

SPO2 – pulse oximeter, blood oxygen saturation

RESP – respiratory rate

TEMP – temperature

HR – heart rate

  • 15″ TFT screen
  • 6 standard settings
  • 32-level sound volume control
  • 10 levels of brightness adjustment
  • Battery backup for 5 hours of constant working time
  • Maximum 168 hours of graphical and tabular trends for all parameters
  • Suitable for use in vehicles