Patient monitor Beta12


It is a medical device that is used to monitor a patient's health indicators in real-time.

The patient monitor is a very important device in hospitals, especially in intensive care units, intensive care units, cardiology, and pulmonology departments, where patients need constant monitoring of their condition. 

Controlled parameters of the Beta12 patient monitor:

  • ECG – electrocardiography
  • NIBP – non-invasive blood pressure measurement
  • SPO2 – pulse oximeter, blood oxygen saturation
  • RESP – respiratory rate
  • TEMP – temperature
  • HR – heart rate
  • 12.1″ TFT screen
  • 6 standard settings
  • 10 levels of brightness control
  • 32 levels of sound volume
  • Battery capacity: approx. 5 hours of continuous operation
  • Suitable for use in vehicles