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Apparatus for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction


NOVAmag ED-60 is a modern device that improves the function of the penis in patients with impotence. Painless procedure for magnetic wave therapy is performed without anesthesia. The device linearly strikes the desired area, creating a therapeutic effect that improves the narrowing of blood vessels, which occurs due to peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, when blood vessels that feed and flow through the penis are severely narrowed or blocked.

 Standard treatment time: 8 sessions twice a week for 30 minutes (4000 pulses), create a significant improvement in blood flow in the affected area.

Advantages of using the equipment:

Non-invasive, safe, painless and non-anesthetic procedure with magnetic wave effect

The anatomical head will not create problems with the positioning of the device
No side effects, especially for patients who do not take medication due to medical contraindications

Flexible handle that easily reaches the affected areas at any position of the patient's body