Ultrasonic stimulator Young-In Biotech IN-5000A (5 W) / IN-5000M (3 W)


The Young-In Biotech IN-5000A and IN-5000M ultrasonic stimulator is a device that uses ultrasonic waves to stimulate tissues in the human body. 

It is used in medical therapy to treat various diseases, such as joint pain, muscle spasms, tissue inflammation, and others.

Young-In Biotech IN-5000A has a power of 5 W, while IN-5000M has a power of 3 W. Both devices have the ability to adjust the intensity of ultrasound, which allows you to change the depth of wave penetration into the tissue. This ensures optimal therapeutic effects on specific areas of the body tissues.

The devices are portable and lightweight, allowing them to be used anywhere.

The LED goes out and the set value is output from min. power (0.5 W) until the head touches the skin.

The LED glows brightly at the set values and the ultrasound is applied to the patient's skin.

  • Ultrasonic head
  • LED illumination of the head during product operation

Product set: main unit, ultrasonic head, power cable.

Manufacturer: South Korea

  • Network parameters: 220 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 100 VA, ultrasound frequency: 1 MHz
  • Operating modes: Continuous or intermittent mode
  • One-touch selection of operating frequency: 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 4.0
  • Max. energy: 5 W/cm²
  • Operation timer: 1-10 min
  • Dimensions and weight: 305 × 260 × 102 (mm), 2 kg