Young-In Biotech IN-1500 shock wave device for pain relief


"Pain Cure" is a modern system of pain treatment with different waves with a variable forms of their formation. This wave technique effectively eliminates pain and controls the natural balance in the body.

  • Elimination of chronic pain, visual tissue changes, pain relief effect, therapy with different waves, and flexible change of parameters.
  • Saving the last parameters of work.
  • "Zero" start of parameters for patient safety.
  • Protection against overloaded power grid.

Product composition: main unit, power cable, round suction cups - 16 pcs., panels-holders for suction cups - 2 pcs. Fields of use: hospital, clinic, physiotherapy offices, etc.

Manufacturer: South Korea

  • Power supply and max. output power: 220 V, 60 Hz, 35 mA
  • Operating modes: Manual, continuous, cross
  • Vacuum suction cycle: Vacuum release: 1.3 s
  • Time of use: 1-60 minutes
  • Dimensions and weight: 440 × 356 × 247 (mm), 94 kg