Accessories for dermatoscope ILLUCO IDS-1100


Loran Medical Equipment Company has a wide range of accessories for the IDS-1100 polarizing dermatoscope, which is designed for an external skin examination. Namely: lenses for hard-to-reach places (6 mm and 8 mm), universal smartphone adapter, smartphone adapter for a specific model, magnetic adapter sticker, dermatoscope case, and silicone case with lanyard.

The dermatoscope has a magnifier (×10), a polarized and unpolarized light source, a large field of view of 25 mm, and 3 levels of brightness adjustment. Polarized light helps to examine the affected skin without reflecting the skin's surface. This provides greater detail of the underlying skin and increases the penetration of light into the lesion.

We are proud that Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor and dermato-oncologist Olga Bogomolets chose a dermatoscope from Loran Medical Equipment Company.

Available accessories for ILLUCO IDS-1100:

Lenses for hard-to-reach areas (6 mm and 8 mm)

Small contact plates are designed for narrow and hard-to-reach places. They allow you to conduct examinations in the eye area, between the fingers, and other narrow and inconvenient areas.

The narrow rod design of the high-resolution lens requires highly skilled design and polishing as the nature of the rod lens causes spherical aberration. ILLUCO has developed small contact plates based on its experience in optics. The especially small contact plate of 6 mm can be found only in this Korean brand and in Loran company as official representatives of ILLUCO in Ukraine.

Universal adapter for smartphone

Adapters for smartphones allow you to capture images for further storage and comparative analysis.

Mechanism of use:

  1. Connect the IDS-1100 to your smartphone using the adapter.
  2. Open the camera app on your smartphone. Examine skin lesions directly on your smartphone. Take photos and videos.
  3. You can zoom in on the lesion for a more detailed view and capture images.

Universal adapter for smartphone and tablet

This is a new type of compact universal clip. It has a very compact size and is convenient for connecting not only a mobile phone, but also a tablet.

The main difference between this universal adapter and the previous one is that this adapter can be used for a tablet of any size and model.

Smartphone adapter (for a specific model)

A smartphone model-specific adapter is available specifically for those who want to use their own case or for smartphone users. Good grip strength, easy installation.

For availability of adapters for your model, please contact our sales manager by phone: +38 (098) 418 24 24.

Magnetic adapter-sticker

A universal model of the adapter that is suitable not only for smartphones of various models, but also for tablets and larger devices.

Case for dermatoscope

The leather case is available in black and red colors. A stylish accessory used for scratch protection and easy transportation.

Silicone case with a lanyard

Transparent and pleasant to the touch case with a convenient lanyard for safe storage and use in different environments.

The polarizing dermatoscope will help doctors to conduct a more efficient and comfortable skin examination procedure, increase the diagnostic accuracy of examinations of various skin lesions. Accessories to the ILLUCO dermatoscope will further help in the work and provide maximum comfort for the user.

You can buy a dermatoscope with accessories on the Laurent Group website. Leave a request in a special box. You can also order a consultation with a specialist to decide which accessory is best for you.