Dermatoscope ILLUCO IDS-1100


Dermatoscopy is a diagnostic method used to assess changes in the skin structure and study the nature of its lesions. It is performed using a special device - dermatoscopes.

Dermatoscope IDS-1100 is designed for an external skin examination. The best optics of IDS-1100, tenfold magnification, large field of view, highly optimized light illumination, and polarizing LED light source guarantee you the best results during examinations.

We are proud that Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor and dermato-oncologist Olga Bogomolets chose a dermatoscope from Loran Medical Equipment Company.

Hybrid dermatoscope with polarized and non-polarized illumination:

- Polarized light contact dermoscopy (PCD)

- Non-contact dermoscopy with polarized light (PNCD)

- Non-polarized light contact dermatoscopy (NPD)

The capabilities of NPD, PCD, and PNCD are not equivalent but complement each other. Therefore, the IDS-1100 hybrid dermatoscope with all its capabilities will be a valuable tool for diagnosing pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.

Thanks to the IDS-1100 dermatoscope, a more efficient and comfortable skin examination procedure is carried out. It increases the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and confidence in the diagnosis.


1. Early detection of melanoma.

2. Diagnosis of all possible skin neoplasms and tumors, scabies, pubic lice, warts, and fungal infections.

3. Ability to diagnose hair and scalp.

  • Polarization: Cross and parallel
  • Aperture: 25 mm
  • Magnification: ×10
  • Brightness control: 3 levels
  • LED: 32 EA
  • Function buttons: 

Polarization mode change button (crossed/parallel)

Brightness control button

On / off button

  • Battery: Lithium-ion with USB rechargeable 1150 mAh / 3.7 volt
  • Recharging time: 3 hours
  • Continuous working time: 2 hours
  • Dimensions / weight: 138×65×33 mm, 190 g