Disposable flexible video cystoscope HUGEMED


EndoView flexible cystoscope of the CY series for single use. Able to conduct video shooting in continuous mode and broadcast an enlarged picture on the monitor screen.

  • All in one system: plug and play
  • There is no delay during the procedure
  • Compactness combined with the convenience
  • Ease and clarity of use
  • Standard: 1 million pixels
  • High image quality
  • Individual setting of two buttons: WB / Photo / Video / Freeze
  • A large bend, free orientation in the bladder and urethra

Among the advantages: it is always available, does not require expensive repairs, and there is no contamination. The series consists of two cystoscope models with different diameters of the distal end.

Optical system

  • Field of view: 120°
  • Depth of field: 3-50 mm
  • Working part
  • Outer diameter of the distal end: 4.0 mm / 5.0 mm
  • Working length: 350 mm
  • Working channel: 2.0 mm / 2.8 mm
  • Angulation: 210° (up / down)
  • Total length: 855 mm


  • Media storage: 16 GB minimum
  • Connection: DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, AV


  • Screen: 8″ LCD
  • Connection: HDMI, DVI
  • Functions: Photo, video, white balance, image freeze