The ENT examination chair is an important piece of equipment that ensures a comfortable and safe position for the patient during procedures. This specially designed otolaryngology chair provides a comfortable position for the patient's head, neck and body, allowing ENT doctors to perform examinations and procedures with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

One of the main ergonomic advantages of the ENT examination chair from the Spanish brand Optomic is the ability to easily and comfortably reach every part of the patient's body that needs to be examined. OPTOMIC has developed a well-thought-out design of the chair, designed for the comfort of both the patient and the doctor. 

Ergonomics for the doctor

The high quality of the mechanism distinguishes it from other ENT chairs on the market, as it uses high-precision and robust mechanics, as well as the best materials and components. Proof of this is the tapered roller bearings of high stability, 36 self-lubricating bearings that provide unsurpassed smoothness and require no maintenance, linear bearings for axial sliding, and high-quality Danish motors.

Electromagnetic rotation and brake

The patient can turn very safely and smoothly, thanks to the robust bearings of the chair with tapered rollers of high stability.

Motorized system for raising and lowering the backrest

Controlled by a processor that allows the chair to be set to any of the selected positions, depending on the user's preferences.

Backrest movement system

The backrest automatically moves up and down on linear guides so that the patient's head and headrest do not lose their position when the backrest is lowered. It also protects the lumbar region by preventing the patient's clothing from moving around the waist.

Sturdy footrest

Despite its small size, the footrest is very sturdy and can support the patient's weight.

The medical equipment company Loran has other models of otolaryngology chairs made in Spain: the OPTOMIC OP-S4 ENT chair and the OPTOMIC OP-S7 ENT chair.

Manufacturer: Spain

  • Swivel of the chair: 300° with mechanical buffers and electromagnetic brake
  • Back tilt angle: 80° to 190°
  • Connection to the mains: 90-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Seat height: max. 910 mm – min. 530 mm
  • Weight: 128 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 kg