The OPTOMIC OP-S7 model is reliable and easy to operate. It is adapted to all the needs of modern otorhinolaryngology. The chair for ENT examinations is an integral part of the equipment for otolaryngologists' offices. 

The medical equipment company Loran has other models of otolaryngology chairs made in Spain: the OPTOMIC OP-S4 ENT chair and the OPTOMIC OP-S10 ENT chair. This is high-quality equipment that guarantees maximum patient comfort and safety during examinations.

The otorhinolaryngology chair is equipped with special elbow pads and a headrest that ensure optimal patient position. The positioning base is specially designed to avoid overturning, even under heavy loads.

Basic movements

The chair motorizes the basic movements necessary for positioning the patient in the ENT office. The movement is controlled by a foot pedal (like a joystick) or a keyboard on the back. 

When the pedal is moved forward, the chair is raised, and when it is moved backward, it is lowered. 

When you move the pedal to the right, the backrest tilt increases, the footrest rises, and the footrest lower. When the pedal is moved to the left, the backrest reclines and the footrest and footrest return to their previous positions. 

Position for frontal examination 

The patient's back is positioned at a 95º angle to the base. The headrest area is pulled forward, providing a very comfortable position for the clinician to examine while sitting on a stool in front of the chair.

Manufacturer: Spain

  • Electric drive for height movement as well as back section to leg support section
  • Back and leg support sections can be adjusted synchronously
  • Mechanically adjustable headrest: height and tilt
  • The armrests can be folded out
  • Adjustment: two adjusters on the backrest and foot pedal
  • Horizontal swivel of the chair: 380° (190° left / 190° right)
  • Adjustment angle of the back section: 90° – 190°
  • Trendelenburg: -10°
  • Height adjustment of the seat section: 550 mm – 900 mm
  • The payload of the chair: 150 kg